What’s in season:

What’s a’growin this time of year: Squash, broccoli, Brussels spouts, cauliflower, mushrooms, pears, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, turnips.

Hymer Farms will have fresh broccoli and home grown pesticide free popcorn.

Savoie Organic Farm sent us the fanciest sounding report of the week: “We will be cutting the first of our certified organic broccoli of the season this week. In addition, we will also be bringing French Des Vertus Marteau salad turnips, D’Avignon (French breakfast) radishes, head lettuces, our sweet and spicy spring greens mix, potatoes, winter squashes and some beautiful Musque de Provence pie pumpkins.” Oh la la!

Sikking Flowers will be available at the Flaim Farms booth this week. They’ll have gladiolus, sunflowers and mixed bouquets available. FYI, Flaim Farms will carry Sikking flowers for the rest of the season, weather permitting. Pick up something pretty!

Duker T’s is bringing chicken vegetable soup, chicken salad and sweet zucchini pickles.

Hillacres Pride will have ham steaks on special.  “They are a quick and easy dinner and so delicious. We will also have bacon ends one more week.  You can always pre-order here!” http://hillacrespride.com/~hillacre/?q=preorder


Weather forecast for Market hours:
A little cloudy, a little windy, but nice cool fall temps going up to 55 degrees.

The soundtrack of Saturday morning will be from She Hates Me (E), Dave Kelly (W)

This week’s guest vendors

Cheese Etc: What do you get when you mix Pumpkin Cheese Spread with Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery’s Funnel Cake Beer? A new, limited edition Spiked Pumpkin Cheese Cake spread! Just right for Halloween parties.

Weckerly’s Ice Cream: In addition to our autumn seasonals, this Saturday will be South Jersey’s only chance to grab the Halloween Spooky Special, “Veil of Shadows” – caramel ice cream with a gooey marshmallow center sandwiched between two slices of candy bar bark (chocolate, pretzels, crisp rice and peanuts). A handful of the sandwiches will have black marshmallows, the recipients of these rarities will win a free scoop or sandwich at our forthcoming shop.

Windy Farm Alpacas
John & Kira’s Chocolate
Origin Almond Milk Barn
Stone House Soap


Featured Artist:
Meredith Greimel (Beaucycled).

Jewelry, Knits, Succulents. I handcraft jewelry from rare gemstones and vintage remnants. I also arrange succulent gardens in unique glasswares and vintage pieces.

Looking ahead: Handmade Holidays

It’s almost craft time at the Market! Handmade Holidays in November features local crafters selling their own homemade jewelry, pottery, knit items and more (crafters are weather permitting). Crafters choose the dates to come that fit their schedule so while the Handmade Holidays bazaar will always be bustling, they’ll be a variety of crafted items each week!

This weekend, we have some Handmade Holidays preview guests visiting us.

Wendy Davis Wood Home Décor
Sylvia Starlight Toys
Deppenwood Handmade Birdhouses 

News from our Official Market Bloggers
Delicata Squash Fries

Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs). This is genius. Grab yourself a Delicata Squash and turn out these simple and delicious “fries” by roasting, not frying them with olive oil. Healthy, and it satisfies that need you thought only a potato could fulfill. LINK HERE