Weather forecast for Market hours: Cloudy in the morning. 70s.
Music: Trio Nova Duo – west end, Sam Caruso– east end. Something to wiggle to at each end of the Market!

What’s in season:

Be a good kid and pick something up for mom at the Market. Flowers, food, a fabulous breakfast – lots of options! If mom likes plants, you’re in luck. Potted arrangements and cut flowers, herbs, veggie seedlings and more are still in full bloom during these early weeks of the Market.

Enjoy lettuces while you can. When the weather heats up they will wane. You might also spy with your little eye things like: radishes, leeks, kale, chives, dill, arugula, beets, carrots, green onions.

What will The Treehouse have Mothers’ Day Weekend? Try handcrafted bagels! Featured this week are Dill Poppy and Currant. They’ll toast one up for you on the spot. Sample our homemade Peanut Butter and Mixed Berry Jam.  Make mom a PB&J Treehouse style for Mom’s Days

Hymer Farms will have plenty of flowers and hanging baskets this week – perfect for mom!

Hillacres Pride says: “Our item of the week is our New Maple Grillers. Delicious on the grill!  We will be sampling our popular Dragons Breathe Fresh Cheese along with several other cheeses. Stop by for a sample.  We are fully stocked in both pork and beef-so be sure to stock up on your favorites!’

Wild Flour Bakery will be bringing more bread this Saturday since they sold out early last week! They’re offering a special of two loaves for $10 and ask for a bread frequent buyer card to earn a free loaf of bread. They’ll have a box containing a pastry assortment of croissants and fruit and cheese filled Danish. Another new item is dog biscuits. They could also use some help! “We need someone who can meet us at the market and help with sales. If anyone is interested please can contact”

Guest Vendors!

-fruits d’heritage
-MECHA Chocolate
-John & Kira’s Chocolate
-Wood Spoon Rice Pudding

Artist of the week!

Anita DiPietro of Anita DiPietro Designs. Anita creates mixed metal, gemstone and fossil artisan jewelry. (Doesn’t that sound nice for mom?)