Brian O’Driscoll sounds wise, but what he said about keeping tomatoes out of the fruit salad got us thinking. With tomatoes of every kind at the Market and the most beautiful peaches in recent memory, is it possible we all just need to get along and see what happens when we pair tomatoes and peaches in one recipe?


TOMATO PEACH SALAD Food for thought. You’ll find no shortage of tomatoes and peaches at your favorite Market this week. See the “What’s in Season” section for details. Then grab your reusable shopping bags and come on out!
Do we really have to tell you? Anyone feeling nostalgic for “That 70s Show” will have to wait until fall. For now, it’s nothing but 80s and 90s. At the opening cowbell, the temperature will already be in the 80s, humidity around 80%, temps climbing into the 90s. But dry. No rain in the forecast.
What’s in Season
Hillacres Pride. On special this week, 6 ground beef pack. Stock up on our lean, delicious and versatile, pasture raised ground beef! Be sure to stop by for some cheese samples as well.

Origin Almond. “This week we’ll be bringing our newest seasonal almond milk, Crushed Strawberry, that’s made with sweet & tangy hand-crushed strawberries together with our fresh, unadulterated almond milk. This flavor was recently featured and loved by the folks at Philadelphia Magazine!”

Garden State Juice Co. “This weekend we will be featuring our signature Bloody Mary Mix! Made with tomatoes fresh from Flaim Farms! We received our first batch of summer apples from Schober Orchards and will have available a Summer Apple & Wheatgrass Juice. Also using peaches from Schober, we’ve prepared a Peach, Apple, Raspberry juice.”

DanLynn Organic Farms. “Tomatoes! Tomatoes! Tomatoes! We’ll continue our big sale on our crates of certified organic San Marzano plum tomatoes, heirloom, slicing and cherry & grape tomatoes. We’ll also have the following other certified organic produce: Yukon Gold & Fingerling potatoes, red white & yellow onions, garlic, kale, unpopped popcorn, honey, swiss chard, carrots, okra, sweet frying & colorful bell peppers, cantaloupe & watermelons. Also, we’ll have our brown and green eggs from our free ranged chickens. We’ll be taking orders for crates of San Marzano’s for next week, 8/20 too!”

Wm Schober Sons Orchards. Schober’s will have yellow and white peaches, nectarines, and Pristine apples.

Weckerly’s Ice Cream. “We have two of our favorite late summer flavors on deck for this weekend. First, Peaches and Cream on Pie Crust makes its anticipated return. House-made peach butter, organic cream, and handmade pie crusts. While peaches and cream will be around for a bit, the pie is a labor intensive and short-lived offering. Also, we will also have scoops and pints of Caramel Corn made with sweet organic bi-color corn procured by Dan Lynn Farms.”

Les Viereck Farms says: “We’ll have a large amount of heirloom tomatoes this week along with ground cherries, fairy tale eggplants, cucumbers, kirbys, hot peppers, spaghetti squash, and melons.

Savoie Organic Farm. Barry says: “This is definitely ‘tomato week’ for us. We have lots of Certified Organic San Marzano, Roma and Slicing tomatoes and we are doing special pricing on cases for people who want to buy in bulk for canning or saucing. We also have our sweet Jimmy Nardello Italian frying peppers. And if they’re ripe enough, we’ll bring some ‘Orange Sherbet’ melons.”

MECHA Artisan Chocolates: “We’ll have our new crispy peanut butter dark chocolate butterfly lollipops!”

Green Aisle Grocery. This week we’ll have Pickled bloody beans with jalapeño, Salty strawberry preserves, Beet “dijawn” mustard, Kale marinara, Peach habanero vinegar!
“Buy 2 Give 1” Milestone
Thanks a Ton small
Lourdes Wellness. Our Market sponsor, Lourdes Wellness, has been partnering with the Oaklyn Food Pantry to collect food at our Market once a month. Owing to your generosity in July at their monthly Market drive, the groups have collected and shared more than 3000 POUNDS of Jersey Fresh since the “Buy 2, Give 1” campaign began. Please look for them in the middle of the Market and be generous, as you have always been, you wonderful people.
Guest Vendors
• Origin Almond
• Weckerly’s Ice Cream
• Green Aisle Grocery
• MECHA Artisan Chocolates
• Philosopher’s Stone Massage
Artist of the Week

Selena Robot Buttons cropped

Selena Braunstein makes unique handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry from antique, vintage, and modern books and buttons.

Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue will staff the Dog Tent for us this week and administer the Official Market Leash Program.


Not this week. SAT AUG 20.

Adoptathon Tease

NEXT WEEK.  Avoid the Market on SAT AUG 20 if you’re a sucker for adorable animal cuteness. The west end of the Market will be the site of our 2nd annual Multi-Agency Animal Adopt-a-thon, featuring half a dozen adopting agencies, kissable bulldogs, services from the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, a dog wading pool, and many opportunities to start the process of taking home a new friend.
Music on 2 Stages

EAST STAGE MUSIC TENT. Leanne Entwistle brings her guitar and her lovely voice to the Market just twice this season. Life is uncertain. Come to her first gig.

WEST STAGE BELOW PATCO. The Incomparable Dave Kelly brought out lap steel guitars at his last appearance. He’s also been known to feature the mandolin. If it has strings, he’ll make it sing.
From the Market Director
Check out Official Market Blogger Denine Gorniak’s slideshow of the Peach Pie Baking Contest. Then fill your reusable shopping bag with fresh peaches and get busy!
News from our Official Market Bloggers
This week we’re very grateful to Patricia DiJulio for her recipe making use of fresh Market vegetables and a poached chicken breast, and to Denine Gorniak for her detailed and thrilling account of last week’s Peach Pie Baking Contest. Thank you, Bloggers!


You Don’t Have to Love Quinoa
Patricia DiJulio (South Jersey Girls Grub).
Patricia combines an armload of vegetables she bought at the Market with a poached chicken breast (and quinoa) to reproduce a family favorite recipe, sort of. Tell me you don’t want this!  LINK HERE.

Denine Peach Presentation

Preach the Peach Pie Baking Contest
Denine Gorniak (The Bicycle-Chef).
Nobody does a better job than Denine of chronicling and illustrating our food contests. As she did with our Salsa contest, Denine tells the story of the contest, identifies all the winners, and shares her fantastic slideshow of the pies and their makers. But you’ll have to go to her blog to see it all.  LINK HERE.