Everything tastes better shared. Cookouts, family meals, big steaks for two, a messy ice cream sandwich passed back and forth from hand to hand. Sharing can begin before the eating too, at the Market, where selecting the choicest what-have-you from all the bounty on the tables is the first act of communal food preparation and enjoyment. And boy, do we have a lot of “what-have-you” this week! Steaks and squashes, pickles and peaches, herbs and eggs, grillers and chillers, greens and beans. Baguettes to accompany it all. And ice cream sandwiches to hoard or share.


Summer perfection. Sunny and 70s to open; sunny and 80s to close. Low humidity, near to no wind, no rain at all until maybe the afternoon. Come early, stay long, buy much.


Salsa Montage


Denine Gorniak (The Bicycle-Chef). Denine did us the great favor of blogging about the Market’s first-ever Salsa Contest, complete with photos and a list of winners. Head over to her blog for the inside story. LINK HERE.


What’s in Season
Savoie Organic. “I will be bringing the first of our organic cherry tomatoes, eggplants, Georgian Crystal hardneck garlics, as well as Onaway new potatoes. Oh, getting the first of the Padron frying peppers too.”

O Made Granola. “Come stock up and refill on your favorite O Made Granola! We’ll have a limited supply of BBG.”

Green Aisle Grocery. Heirloom garlic and dill cucumber pickles. Strawberry peach fruit syrup. Compound butter whipped with ‘nduja, a spicy pork spread.

Garden State Juice Co. We would like to promote a few flavors this week that we produced compliments of Flaim Farms and Schober orchards. 1. Dandelion pineapple banana smoothie. 2. Peach, apple, raspberry, grapefruit juice. 3. Cherry, peach, apple and ginger juice.

AT Buzby. “We will be there with Corn, cantaloupe, tomatoes, eggplant, and more.”

DanLynn Organic Farms “DanLynn Organic Farms will have the following certified organic produce: blueberries, Yukon Gold & fingerling potatoes, yellow squash & zucchini, 8 ball and patty pan summer squash, cucumbers and pickles, basil, mint, red white & yellow onions, garlic, kale, red baby beets, unpopped popcorn, honey, golden chiogga & red beets, parsley, swiss chard, carrots, cabbage and romaine lettuce. Also, we’ll have our brown and green eggs from our free ranged chickens.”

Hillacres Pride. “On special this week we have chorizo in either grillers or loose. Also on special our Sage grillers. We have lots of steaks, ground beef, chops, sausages, and chicken for your grill during this hot weather.”

Weckerly’s Ice Cream. “This week we will be back with more blueberry ice cream pints and sandwiches made with berries from Green-Ford farm. Our special this weekend is Chocolate Malt and Sour Cherry on Walnut Pralines.”

Wild Flour Bakery. Celebrating Bastille Day? You’ll need baguettes. Spend $10 this week and get a coupon for a free demi French baguette which can be used starting July 23rd. Coupons are limited; come early. Details on facebook.”


Pets in Need (Cats Indeed)
Hungry Cats

NJAFA (New Jersey Aid for Animals). “We are in desperate need of cat food. We have over 16 cats at our sanctuary AND we provide food for two individuals in Camden whose cats would otherwise be euthanized at shelter.” Bring DRY Purina Cat Chow OR WET food or canned anything to the Dog Tent. (Yes, bring cat food to the dog tent. You know you want to.)


Guest Vendors SAT JUL 16
• GreenFord Blueberry Farm
• Brookeberry Organic Berries
• Barn and Stone House Soap
• Weckerly’s Ice Cream
• Market Day Canele
• O Made Granola
• Green Aisle Grocery


“Buy 2 Give 1” Milestone

Lourdes Wellness. Our Market sponsor, Lourdes Wellness, has been partnering with the Oaklyn Food Pantry to collect food at our Market once a month. As of this week, if they collect 200 pounds of fresh produce for distribution to our food-vulnerable neighbors, they will have collected and shared 3000 POUNDS of Jersey Fresh since the “Buy 2, Give 1” campaign began. Please look for them in the middle of the Market and be generous, as you have always been, you wonderful people.

Artist of the Week


MARIA CARTWRIGHT (222 DESIGNS). Maria creates torch-fired copper enameled jewelry. Each colorful and unique item is created individually and then hand fired with a torch. Come see why she took First Place in the jewelry category in the Cape May Promenade Art Show! (She takes credit cards.)


Spotlight on Weckerly’s Ice Cream

Weckerly with Cows

Out of a dozen applicants over the years, we chose Weckerly’s Ice Cream to be our ice cream provider because of their commitment to healthy and sustainable local agriculture (and because their stuff, by taste and texture, is simply the best we’ve ever sampled). Here are some of the ways Andy and Jen Satinsky prove their commitment.

VENDOR SUPPORT. Weckerly’s sources ingredients from AT Buzby, Viereck Farm, Springdale Farm, DanLynn Organic, Green-Ford Blueberry farm, and Hillacres Pride (whose cheddar flavors the shortbread in the apple ice cream sandwiches).

FARM VISITS. The Satinskys want to SEE their ingredients made. They travel to blueberry farms to pick and sample blueberry varieties, and visit the cows that produce their milk and cream.

ORGANIC AND LOCAL. Camphill Village Dairy (Chester County) cows keep their horns, feed on pasture 365 days a year, and—like the farm crew—live a “dignified and purposeful life” producing the milk at this 30-years-organic dairy.

We applaud Weckerly’s for maintaining the high standards we demand from all of our food-producing vendors, both farms and guest.


Music on 2 Stages
EAST STAGE MUSIC TENT. Is it really a Market Saturday without the music of She Hates Me? (Hint: no.)
WEST STAGE BELOW PATCO. Sam Caruso sings and plays along with a ghostly harmonizer that makes him sound like that other Caruso.


News from our Official Market Bloggers

Roasted Garlic

TALKING GARLIC WITH BARRY SAVOIE. Natalie Winch (FoodEmpowermentBlog). Natalie knows some garlics are better for roasting, and why. Follow the link to read about her conversation with Barry Savoie about what she calls “The Silver Queen of Garlic.” LINK HERE.

Watermelon Poke


WATERMELON (OR TUNA) POKE. Ryan Cochrane (imadeafood). Attention Pokemon Go players. Ryan says it’s time to “put down the poke ball and pick up a poke bowl.” If you get that joke about tuna and vegetarian watermelon poke, you’re probably young enough to reset my google settings. LINK HERE.


Patricia Peachy Keen Crostata

PEACHY KEEN CROSTATA. Patricia DiJulio (SouthJerseyGirlsGrub). Dessert is DONE! Patricia combines peaches from Fruitwood Farms and organic blueberries from Brookeberry Farms and a Jacques Pepin crust to make this magnificent fruit dessert. LINK HERE.


Sharing that meal starts with selecting that meal!
Get out and make eating an “act of culture.”