If you’ve been hiding indoors near the air conditioner vent and neglected this glorious summer week we’ve been enjoying, it’s time you stick your head outdoors and come to the Market for some Jersey Fresh. Your neighbors miss you! We’ve got it all this week: the corn of course is abundant and the tomatoes are increasingly evident. All varieties of onions plus new styles of potatoes. Peppers aplenty and greens of every shade. (Plus steaks for the grill and brownies for dessert!) Grab a hat and your reusable shopping bags and come on out! We miss you.


Summer as it should be. Sunny and 80s to open; sunny and 90s to close. Moderate humidity, light breezes, no rain at all until maybe the afternoon. Come early, stay long, buy much.


News from our Official Market Bloggers
We must be the luckiest, best-supported Farmers’ Market anywhere. Not only do we have the most prodigious farmers in the region, our Market Bloggers are just as productive! We have six new blog posts this week, but we have to hold off on two of them just to avoid overwhelming you with wonderfulness. Next week, look for Patricia DiJulio’s pasta-plum tomato-basil-long hots concoction, PLUS! Susan Mauer Lynch’s profile of the A T Buzby Farm CSA. But this week . . .

Christine Blueberry Corn Muffin


BLUEBERRY CORN MUFFINS. Christine Clarke (The Coveted Kitchen). Christine combines organic blueberries and some corn she picked up at the Eckert’s Corn Truck for this perennial favorite. LINK HERE.

Christine Zucchini


GRILLED ZUCCHINI. Christine Clarke (The Coveted Kitchen). In the spring, Christine buys her plants (tomatoes, peppers, kale, zucchini, etc.) from Springdale Farms at the Market. This week, she harvested zucchini, grilled it, and dressed it with olives and pesto .” LINK HERE.

Susan Blueberry Cake

BLUEBERRY BOY BAIT. Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs). Susan maintains this blueberry cake recipe is good enough to get a girl a boyfriend. She bought blueberries this week from: Springdale Farm, A. T. Buzby, DanLynn Organic, Fruitwood Farms, and Rick Hymer, then used the Brookeberry supply for the recipe. LINK HERE.

Denine Peach Tomato Chutney


PEACH TOMATO CHUTNEY. Denine Gorniak (The Bicycle-Chef). Denine bought her peaches and her tomatoes at the Market, then produced this beauty! LINK HERE.


What’s in Season

Savoie Organic. “I’m bringing our cherry tomatoes, the first of the organic slicing tomatoes, the first of our Yukon Gold new potatoes, and lots of our Padron and Shishito frying peppers.”

Flaim Farms. Sharon Flaim is worried about your dogs in this summer heat. “Hi Dave. Can you publish a warning about the hot black top on the dogs’ paws so people will not bring them to the market this Saturday with the extreme heat, please? The poor dogs will burn their paws and will die of thirst.”

Extraordinary Ed. When is play not in season? “Come Play with Market Sponsor Extraordinary Ed is the theme of the week!”

DanLynn Organic Farms “DanLynn Organic Farms will have a sale on Yukon Gold and Fingerling potatoes and will also have the following certified organic produce: corn, cucumbers and pickles, basil, red white & yellow onions, garlic, kale, red baby beets, unpopped popcorn, honey, golden chiogga & red beets, parsley, swiss chard, carrots, and romaine lettuce. Also, we’ll have our brown and green eggs from our free ranged chickens.”

Allison Allen, Massage Therapist. Massages are free; donations accepted. You may need one after you lug those big bags of corn and watermelon.

Hillacres Pride. “On special this week our chip steak from our pastured jersey beef. This makes a quick and easy cheesesteak, add market onions, bacon, and cheese on a Wild Flour roll. Don’t feel like cooking when it’s hot outside? Our cheese spreads are a great complement to crusty bread and fruits. And we have lots of choices for the grill!”

Seeds to Sew. “We will be there with the very popular Enkiteng bags (reusable multi-purpose fabric bags), beaded Masai jewelry and other handmade crafts made in Kenya by the women in our programs. All proceeds go to the women who made the products and pay for underprivileged Kenyan girls’ school fees directly.”

Wild Flour Bakery. Wild Flour Bakery will have chocolate brownies with a ganache icing.

Collingswood Library. Books are always “In Season.” Collingswood Public Library will be at the Farmers’ Market this week! Come meet the new director of the library, learn what the library offers to the community, and grab some free goodies!


Guest Vendors 
• GreenFord Blueberry Farm
• Micha’s Handmade Soaps
• Origin Almond Milk
• Garden State Juice Company


Coming Soon
Wilk’s Lamb Farm. Mike Wilk’s 25-acre farm in Tabernacle is the latest addition to the outstanding roster of local, responsible farms to bring product to our Market. Mike pastures his sheep on his own farm for 95% of their diet, coaxing them into the enclosure at day’s end with a little grain snack, and supplementing with hay in the winter when snow covers the pasture. His flock spend their entire lives on his farm. Please look for his new table starting SAT JUL 30. We want him to succeed.


Artist of the Week

KATHERINE CHEETHAM GLASS. Katherine is best known for multilayered fused glass panels typically depicting trees, flowers and landscapes. She also makes flame-worked pendants and ornaments along with fused ornaments, plates and bowls. Her work is perfect for wedding, office, birthday and holiday gifts. LINK HERE.


New This Week
Micha Soap

MICHA’S HOMEMADE SOAP. When our beloved Heather and Larry Brandolph adopted their adorable baby and left us with the “Rochelle Rose Soap Space” to fill, we didn’t ask just one soapmaker; we asked several to take their place.  LINK HERE.

This week, and for the next few, we’ll be hosting Micha’s Homemade Soap.
In addition to making and selling her own soap, Michelle (Last Name Shrouded in Mystery) founded and runs the new Washington Township Farmer’s Market. Find her in the Guest Vendor Area.


Music on 2 Stages
EAST STAGE MUSIC TENT. As always, we are pleased to announce the return to the Music Tent of “The Incomparable Dave Kelly.”

WEST STAGE BELOW PATCO. John Rossi will beguile and delight the west end with his guitar and his unique singing style.

Mow the Lawn on Sunday!
Saturday is Market Day.


“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining and the lawn mower is broken.”
—James Dent