Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.   – Miles Kington

July 25, 2015

Weather forecast for Market hours: 70s. “Plenty of sunshine.” Market weather to beat all Market weather! Come on out!

Music: Enjoy Market favorites Dave Kelly (east end), Trio Nova Duo (west end).

What’s in season:
Berries are plentiful. You’ll also see stone fruits like plums, peaches and nectarines. Beets, broccoli, cucumbers, eggplants, lima beans and cabbages are at the Market, too! Corn and tomatoes are still going strong.

Schober’s will have nectarines this week in addition to their peaches.

Tortilla Press is selling Springdale Farms sweet white corn in quesadillas – goes great with melted queso fresco cheese! Plus they’re adding local blueberries to their waffles.

DanLynn Organic Farms will continue their sale on our heirloom tomatoes and Yukon gold potatoes!  They’re also bringing corn, colored summer squash, colored peppers, beets, parsley, curly green lettuce, green and red romaine lettuce, green & red kale, sweet green & yellow frying peppers, bell peppers, cucumbers, patriotic fingerlings (red/white/blue), and onions, garlic, okra, cherry & grape tomatoes and field ripened slicing tomatoes.

DanLynn Farms also reports, “Our certified organic San Marzano tomatoes are vine ripened and now ready for sale. Make a large pot or two to can or freeze your marinara, gravy or salsa, now’s the time to buy tomato crates!” San Marzano, plum and slicing tomato crates available.

Wild Flour has a new bread – tomato, garlic, and thyme. Other highlights are their shallot and thyme focaccia and Wild Flour ciabatta (Buy some local greens, ‘maters and cheese and make yourself a fine sandwich this week. You won’t regret it.)

Treehouse Café says, “Looking forward to another beautiful day at the Market.  Treehouse is bringing the blues again with Blueberry bagels, muffins and scones.  We also have some vegan friendly Zucchini Choc Chip muffins that are made with gluten free flour.  Our zucchini is organic and Jersey Fresh. One last fun note, we have been throwing in a rainbow of organic tomatoes from Dan Lynn Organic Farms into our salsa this week. See ya Saturday!”

August 8 – Peach Party and pie contest!
Be there, pie lovers! Want to enter the contest? Info here! – You MUST pre-register your pie. Can you win the blue ribbon?!

This week’s guest vendors:
–  Green Ford Farm Blueberries
–  Neil’s Sharpening Service
–  Green Aisle Grocery – bringing B&B cukes, French lavender honey, raspberry apple rose preserves, arugula pesto (vegan!), organic roasted PB
–  Weckerly’s Ice Cream
–  SOOM Foods
–  Wood Spoon Rice Pudding

This week’s featured artist:Maria Cartwright of 222 Designs.
Maria creates torch fired copper enameled jewelry. Each colorful and unique item is created individually and then hand fired with a torch. Show Maria some love this week.

Also at the Market:
ExtraordinaryEd will host some brain-teasing demonstrations at the Market. NJ Aid for Animals will host our dog tent.