This page is for Farmers, Food Growers, Food Producers, and Food Vendors.

Jersey Fresh is preferred and receives the highest priority. Fresh, uncut produce and lightly processed products are preferred. Organic and locally-sourced are given strong consideration.

Full Season Spaces for Farmers, Food Growers, Food Producers
Apply for a year-round space if you:
• Farm
• Fish
• Raise Livestock for meat, hide, or wool
• Produce milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, or eggs
• Make cheese from your own or from local dairy
• Work an orchard or a vineyard for tree or vine fruits or berries
• Make honey with your own bees
• Raise herbs, trees, seedlings, shrubs, bedding plants, sod, flowers, or horticulturals
• Produce soil, mulch, worms, ladybugs, or other “green” soil enhancements

Guest Vendor Spaces for Food Vendors (Local source preferred)
Apply for partial-season guest vendor space if you:
• Bake bread, cakes, pies, other savory or sweet items
• Make candy
• Make pestos, chutneys, preserves, pickles, sauces, beverages.
• Salt, smoke, or otherwise preserve foods by curing or drying
• Produce rubs, herb blends, or condiments
• Make juice from seasonal Jersey Fresh produce
• Roast coffee beans or nuts
• Enhance oils or vinegars
• Prepare treats for meals for animals

Not Considered

Do not apply for vendor space if you:
• Make sandwiches on location
• Sell street fair food (hot dogs, water ice, pretzels, caramel corn, french fries, etc.)
• Bake at home or produce food in an unlicensed kitchen
• Make smoothies or juice from non-local dairy and produce
• Buy produce or other food for resale

Preliminary Application
Food businesses must be licensed, inspected, and insured. Foods prepared in New Jersey must be prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen (this can never be your home kitchen), and comply with all local health regulations.

Click the link below to download the Preliminary Application if you believe your business qualifies for a farm or food producer space.

Preliminary Application