Artist of the Week Program

Just one space per week is made available to artists and crafters who follow the same rules our Jersey Fresh farm vendors follow: If it wasn’t made by your own hand, it shouldn’t be at your table.

Aimee Eckert juries artists, crafters, woodworkers, potters, photographers, weavers, jewelers, and other handicrafters and selects a total of 26 for inclusion in the program. In March, she sends a “Dear Artist” letter to past participants who have proven their value to the Market.


If spaces are still available after we have booked returning artists, Aimee sends a second email to applicants who have expressed interest in joining the Market as an Artist of the Week.

You may email Aimee at any time to provide her the information requested in the Dear Artists letter.

If you’re invited to participate, you’ll follow the link to the 2017 Featured Artists Calendar to select an open date.