Handmade Holidays!


The always anticipated Handmade Holidays at the Collingswood Farmers’ Market start and end in November. This year, there will be three HH Saturdays before Thanksgiving.



The craft-and-art gift bazaar is a seasonal extension of the mega-popular Farmers’ Market in Collingswood. As temperatures drop and harvest season winds down the Market expands to fill spaces with crafters and artisans selling gifts and holiday-themed items like tree decorations and holiday wreaths.

Gifts and goods offered run from the practical (candles, coffee mugs, sake sets, pottery, knitwear) to the whimsical (assemblage jewelry, toys, hair accessories) to the esoteric (photography, paper arts) to the merely beautiful (home décor, wall ceramics).

Handmade Holidays provides space to approximately 30 exhibitors on a rotating basis so shoppers can expect to see different choices when they make return visits. Plus, many season-long produce and food vendors are part of the November Market. It is a time for late season crops and year-round agricultural products such as meat, cheese, and honey. The Saturday before Thanksgiving dinner is a must-go tradition for many—a popular date regardless of the weather.


Spaces are available only when farms and food vendors vacate them for the season.
This year, our food vendors are extending through November in unprecedented numbers.

We have a waitlist that already exceeds the anticipated number of available spaces.


Link:  HHApplication2017.doc Word DOC

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The Collingswood Farmers’ Market operates every Saturday from May to the Saturday before Thanksgiving 8am to 12pm between Collings and Irvin Ave along PATCO.