We feature New Jersey farmers, growers, and food preparers to keep the emphasis of our market LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL.

Many of the people assisting you in buying your produce are the farmers, growers, beekeepers, and bakers themselves, or family members. We encourage dialogue between our Market participants and the consumers. Many Market “regulars” know their favorite farmers and growers by name—the majority of our participants return year after year.

The “buy local” trend is growing and we need to clarify some of the items we offer. For our market, carefully considered exceptions serve customer demand and gaps in availability.

We do allow a limited amount of items that are not from New Jersey. Properly labeled, these items allow farmers to augment their own produce supply and informed consumers choose to buy them or not.

When New Jersey conditions impede availability, efforts are made to provide substitutes as local as possible. Farmers may also, in limited manner, offer other local items from neighboring farms in their communities. We insist that all items are properly labeled, of highest quality only, and that farmers are honest about origin.

Farmers are also required to use their Jersey Fresh marketing materials to comply with the Jersey Fresh program’s rules, provided by the NJDA.

Organic farmers will be able to give you information on their certification.

We expect our farmers to label produce that is not grown in New Jersey. If you suspect something at the Market isn’t accurately marked or described, let us know, click here. Your input is important!