Weather Forecast for Market Hours: Weather Forecast for Market Hours: Warm! Partial cloudiness in the morning, in the 70s and rising. It’s almost summer, folks!

East State Music Tent.
If it has strings, Dave Kelly can make it sing. Last year, he added the lap steel guitar to his repertoire of instrumentation. Come hear/see this intriguing instrument and so much more from our own Irish cowboy.

West Stage below PATCO.
Their family calls them Matthew & Genevieve LaPalomento, but you’ll call them The New Valentines. This is their debut appearance at the Market, so make them feel welcome, please. As their name would suggest, expect good vibes and romance.


What’s in Season

In June, cherries, cabbages, peas, beans, cucumbers and lettuces will all be mainstays at the Market.

  • Inspired Brews will be there with Banana Ginger Lavender and Immunity (elderberry, hibiscus, echinacea) kombucha.
  • Wild Flour Bakery will have focaccia this week.

This Week’s Guest Vendors

  • Buck Wild Bison (Extended run because we can’t get enough)
  • Garden State Juice Company (Squeezed from our own vendors’ produce)
  • Blue Moon Olive Oils & Vinegars (Sample from the stainless steel fustis!)
  • Our Souls Shine Applesauce (Organic and local produce sauces)
  • John & Kira’s Chocolates (Real mint. Real fruit. Real flavors.)
  • Preservation Handcrafted Foods (Mostly pickles, but consider the Jersey Devil Hot Sauce)
  • Blueberry Fields Artisan Soaps bringing all of their men’s soaps on sale for $5.00 per bar, just in time for Father’s Day! PLUS: Salt bars are back in stock! In addition to cleansing, salt bars exfoliate and detoxify.
  • Amber Grain Bakery (Come early. They sold out on their debut appearance last week.)

Artist of the Week

Shayla Shines Designs. Lisa Kirkonis makes dandelion wishes and lavender jewelry. Intriguing? You bet. Two natural items that don’t usually last very long made into lasting adornments. Come see them and consider them as gifts.

News from our Official Market Bloggers

Sugar Snap Peas in a Snap

Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs) picked up the first sugar snap peas of the season from Les Viereck’s table and a bundle of scallions from Our Yards Farm, and wasted no time getting them into a saute pan with a little butter, the scallions, and some crimini mushrooms. When the ingredients are fresh, simple is best, and this dish will deliver maximum enjoyment of a wonderful spring treat with a minimum of effort. Follow the simple instructions here.

Roasted Asparagus Balsamic

Donna Hutchinson (MyTastyJourney) starts her asparagus and pasta recipe with fresh spears from Viereck Farms. What distinguishes it from other pasta tosses is the sauce of boiled down balsamic vinaigrette blended with butter and brown sugar. Fast and simple, but not mundane. Follow the recipe and see lovely photos of Donna’s daughter in face-paint here.

Garlic Scape Pesto

Stef Perna (treatbelly) bought garlic scapes from Savoie Organic Farm. They’re the delicate, firm, green stems of the garlic plant available only briefly in spring. The recipe here uses them raw in a pesto with pistachio and parmesan. It’s simple, uses raw ingredients, requires no cooking, just a processor. It you don’t use them already, it will make you want to scout and try some scapes. Follow the instructions here.
Debut Vendor

Our Souls Shine. Cindy Irvin of Audubon is a holistic health coach . . . AND! She grows her own kale and blends it with cinnamon and organic apples to make her own applesauce called Our Souls Shine. AND! She’s a ray of healing sunshine. AND! She’s the author of Yoga and Mindfulness for Children. You could probably see the book if you drop by her table this week. You’ll certainly be able to sample the sauce, which was recently featured at the Whole Foods Hatchery.

For the Animal Lovers

Our good friends from the Camden County Animal Shelter will be dispensing the Official Market Leashes and promoting pet health, safety, and the joys of giving animals a “forever home.” Chloe and Torres are available for adoption, along with so many others. Come by and ask about them.

For the Kids

SAY IT WITH CLAY. Our good friends from Say it with Clay will staff a table with clay and tools for kids (adults too) to try their hand at modeling. They’ll take advantage of the opportunity to promote their camp, their art therapy programs, and workshops. Come on buy and “work some mud.”

For the Generous

VOLUNTEERS PLEASE. Women and girls in numerous parts of Africa carry 40-pound jerry cans of water as a daily chore. Liberti Collingswood, to raise awareness and donations, will ask shoppers to carry a similar can a short distance. Proceeds will benefit Water is Basic’s effort to bring clean water to South Sudan. Email Jim Angehr at if you’d like to help set up the sponsor tent or conduct the water-carrying effort!

Our 2017 SponsorsThanks to our 2017 Market Sponsors! They go the extra mile to support this community project. Hooray for them! Be sure to tell them you noticed!