Timely Food Tips

We put out the call to local food writers to wander the Market, carefully select what’s fresh and best, and share their preparation techniques, recipes, family stories, farmer interactions, rare finds, and insider knowledge.

BOY, did we get reactions! As of this morning, four, or was it five—no, I think it’s SIX—talented writers with their own food blogs have offered to keep us up to date about what’s fresh and best. They won’t all post every week, but somebody will. You’ll follow the links to these fine writers’ individual blogs, where you’ll find even more good ideas to scour for your own cooking and eating adventures.

Our Premier, Pre-Season Post!

Susan Lynch mixes touching family details with a simple and brilliant recipe for hamburger vegetable soup using Hillacres Pride beef and our farmers’ vegetables bought for freezing during the 2015 season.


The long lonely winter of frozen vegetables and fruit raised in foreign countries is over. The farmer’s market will be open soon. And I can’t wait. During the market season my weekly trip to that l…[follow the link to read more].