This weekend is the Apple Pie Contest! Who will bring home the blue ribbon? Stop by to see whimsical pies, traditional pies, not-pie-pies and very full judges! 10am.

What’s in season:
Apples are the fruit superstars. Come see which varieties are in grab some to make even MORE pie! Beets, broccoli, potatoes, cabbage, collards, fall greens, peppers, pumpkins and cauliflower can be spotted as well in the fall.

Formisano Farms says, “We will be bringing beautiful fennel and broccoli rabe this Saturday along with various types of pumpkins and squash.”

DanLynn Organic Farms will have the following certified organic produce:  sweet potatoes, kale, cooking pumpkins, butternut and delicata squash, lettuce, swiss chard, onions, slicing tomatoes, eggplant, multi-colored bell & sweet frying peppers, honey, and unpopped popcorn.

Wild Flour Bakery will have cranberry scones and cranberry pumpkin batards. 

Hillacres Pride has on special beef cubes – trimmed and ready for your beef stew, stroganoff or soup. They’ll also have small ham ends for soups and broths and back this week is fall favorite pumpkin spice cheese.

Duker T’s is bringing cool weather goodies! Cream of asparagus soup, chicken salad, stuffed jalapeño peppers, blue cheese olives and sweet zucchini pickles.

Cheese, Etc wants to thank everyone who entered our Name The Spread Contest. The new TONEWOOD JAM SESSION will be at the Market! Our sharp aged cheddar blended with a homemade onion jam, sriracha, lime and Tonewood Brewery’s Session IPA. Come pick some up this weekend, your burgers asked for some.


This week’s guest vendors:

Weckerly’s Ice Cream – bringing Pumpkin Bourbon both in pints and sandwiched between gingersnaps (omg). Also autumnal is Burnt Sugar Apple ice cream on Sharp Cheddar Shortbread (made with aged cheese from the market’s own Hillacres Pride – OMG). Finally, their version of PB and J will be at the Market: a stripe of jam made with local Candice Grapes and bits of buttered toast are enveloped by peanut butter ice cream and sandwiched between two crunchy grahams.

PRESERVATION Handcrafted Foods

FOOD INNOVATION: Our Yards Farms – highlighting their dried fennel seed. “Fennel seed is great for homemade Pizzelles, sausage or as a digestive tea. We will also have some other dried teas, along with some of our suburban grown produce.”

O Made Granola: (Going Out Of Business Sale!) they’ll have all flavors including BBG and No Grain and the special is get one free mini bag of granola (excludes no grain) with purchase of two or more big bags (while supplies last)!

Origin Almond Milk Origin – bringing back the uniquely delicious Lavender Vanilla almond milk which blends freshly made almond milk together with Provençal lavender & raw vanilla bean.  This calming flavor blend is good to drink on its own, or enjoy it slightly warm to make those chilly autumn nights even more magical.

Rutgers Master Gardeners

Boy Scout Troop 179


Featured Artist:

Art Cohen of Art’s Pots
Art sell a variety of handcrafted functional pottery including juicers. berry bowls, yarn bowls for knitters, casseroles, mugs, and bowls of every size. Say hi to Art and his art!


News from our Official Market Bloggers
We’ve got recipes from four bloggers that will help you use up the bounty you overbought last week. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant . . . you know you have too many.

Too Many Tomatoes

Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs). Just say it. You bought too many tomatoes. You couldn’t resist the case price and now you need a quick recipe. How about a slow cook recipe that uses just tomatoes and butter? Susan bought her “too many” from Hymer, Springdale, DanLynn, Savoie, and Our Yards. LINK HERE.

Eggplant: Smoky Baba Ganoush

Christine Clarke (The Coveted Kitchen). If you haven’t already tried all the eggplants at the Market (or if you’ve tried them all but need a new recipe), check out Christine’s velvety smooth eggplant dip called baba ganoush. You’ll need some tahini and the oven will be on for an hour or so . . . but we can handle that now that fall is here.  LINK HERE.

Squash Blossom Quesadillas

Ryan Cochrane (imadeafood). Ryan doesn’t mess around. Actually, he takes his messing around seriously. In short, he doesn’t just make the stuffings for these quesadillas, he’ll teach you how to make the corn tortillas too! He got the idea for this dish from Lindsey Ferguson of Constellation Collective. Crank up some Jalisco music and get ready to celebrate Mexico. LINK HERE.

Pepper Twofer
Donna Hutchinson (My Tasty Journey).

The Pepper Nachos feature yummy chicken breast and melty cheese but no bread since they’re layered on roasted peppers. The Roasted Pepper Pizza is peppers and onions, garlic and onions and lots of mozzarella on grilled pizza dough. YUM. Get both recipes at one link.  LINK HERE.