From the Ben Franklin Bridge

You will take Admiral Wilson Blvd. (30/676) to 30/130 south (the PUB is a landmark at the ramp)

Go thru the light at the Cooper River Golf driving range, past cemetery, and keep an eye to your right for a Dunkin Donuts.

Make the right at the Dunkin Donuts corner onto Haddon Ave, BUT keep right to jughandle around UNDER 130 and up onto Haddon Ave into Collingswood. (There is a sign “Welcome to Collingswood”)

Drive through first light (Browning Rd. intersection). At second light (Collings Avenue), turn right. You’re practically there.

Turn right onto Collings Avenue and turn left into the Community Center (past the fire hall). Stay to the right and follow the traffic or park immediately.

Look up. You’ll see two blue water towers. The Market is in the same lot.

This should be about 7 minutes drive from Ben Franklin in Saturday morning traffic.

For mapping purposes, use 713 North Atlantic Avenue, Collingswood as an address. That’s actually the Collingswood Police Station, but it’s the closest named building.

Hope to see you!

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