“August is like the Sunday of summer.” -unknown

Weather forecast for Market hours:
Spectacular summer weather! Dry (literally a 0% chance of precipitation), with temperatures climbing from the high-60s to the mid-80s. Lower humidity, too!

Music: John Rossi, back despite popular demand (just kidding) will pick, sing, and strum on the West Stage this week and the outstanding Dave Kelly will bring his familiar collection of stringed things to the Music Tent.

What’s in season: A little bit of summer and a little bit of fall is in season. Who’s ready for the gradual changeover? Schober Orchards will have Gala apples and Gingergold apples this week in addition to peaches and nectarines.

DanLynn Organic Farms will continue their sale on fingerling potatoes and multi-colored sweet frying and bell peppers. They say, “We’ll also bring heirloom, cherry, grape, plum and slicing tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, kale, eight ball squash, red and yellow onions, collards and seedless watermelons.”

Hillacres Pride will have pastured, GMO free whole chickens on special (stock up!). They’ll also be featuring seasonal Apple Orchard Fresh Cheese along with Lemon Dill and Dragons Breath.

The Treehouse Café is back to serve up tasty beverages and baked goods to everyone this week. They’re pumped to return. As we are to have ‘em.

Wild Flour Bakery has a new bread: Fig and Gorgonzola cheese bread. Plus, plenty of other breads great for school lunches. They’ve got a deal going, too: “Take advantage of our 2 loaves for $10. All breads can be frozen, too. We also have frequent buyer cards that earn a free loaf of bread when completed. Ask for one if you don’t have one.”

This week’s guest vendors:
– Neil’s Sharpening Service: Friends don’t let friends use dull knives in the kitchen. Sharpen up your tools, chefs!
– Wood Spoon Rice Pudding
– Constellation Collective (Collingswood’s own!)

Artist of the week: Virginia Bernier of Le Vin et La Mer Ginny creates wine cork and sea shell creations – cork wreaths, bulletin boards, initials/letters and critters, shell wreaths, angels, mirrors, frames and trees. Check out her work!

Recipes: Use up those NJ Fresh veggies in this grilled vegetable platter. Easy peasy