Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year. -Chad Sugg

Weather forecast for Market hours: Sunny. Seventies. Superb.

Music: Trio Nova Duo (E), John Rossi (W) will be there to make our ears happy. 

Apple Pie Contest!
Apple crisp. Apple pies. Applesauce. Apple cider. Caramel apple. Baked apples… Put all that tastiness in a pie and you might win the blue ribbon at the annual Apple Pie Contest! Pre register for the Oct 17 contest here.

What’s in season: 
Root vegetables are another staple of autumn dishes. Look for spuds of all kinds and sweet potatoes too, both white and orange types. Fall squashes are arriving, too – ready to roast, sauté, puree and more. Butternut, spaghetti squash, acorn, pumpkin and more.

Did you know that fresh apple cider tastes different each week, depending on which kinds of apples are being juiced? Pear varieties are changing weekly, too.

Look for broccoli. It’s a spring and fall crop!
DanLynn Organic Farms will have the following organic produce:  fingerling potatoes, sweet frying and bell peppers, white and yellow onions, acorn and spaghetti squash, butternut squash and pie pumpkins. okra, tomatoes, summer honey, cucumbers, zucchini, collards and kale.

Treehouse Cafe says: “The zucchini in our little garden is ready to turn into some tasty muffins.  Gonna bring them to the market this week.  Also, we want your opinion . . . List your favorite soup on our list, and we will give you a free drink card you can use at The Treehouse Coffee Shop in Audubon any day you like. Thanks!”

Hillacres Pride is offering chicken leg/thigh quarters from our pastured and GMO free chickens on special.  They are nearing the end of fresh mozzarella but are in good shape this week.  All beef back in stock after being very low the last couple weeks. Steaks, roasts, ground beef – they have it!

This week’s guest vendors:
– Wood Spoon Rice Pudding
– Market Day Canele
– MECHA Chocolate
– Red Fox Gourmet
– Garden State Juice
– O Made Granola bringing plenty of BBG – Banana Bread Granola and No Grain No Pain granolas, along with other varieties.
– Green Aisle Grocery bringing raspberry basil pear preserves, plum kaffir lime preserves, jersey corn relish, blush sauce with heirloom tomatoes, raw organic cashew butter, vegan arugula pesto, fitty fitty syrup (1/2 maple, 1/2 honey), pickled green tomatoes with curry

Featured Artist:
Allison Hunt of ZUZU Jewelry Studio
ZUZU Jewelry Studio features handmade, colorful, enameled metal jewelry. The studio is located in the Soha Arts Building where Allison, a University of the Arts alum, teaches classes & workshops in metalsmithing.